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Discover our range of CNC foam cutters

Obelisk Foam Plotter is available in different models and sizes. Discover our range of hot wire foam cutters and choose the best option to fit your business needs.

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Obelisk Foam Plotter

Obelisk Foam Plotter NEXT is our standard hot wire foam cutter for foam boards up to 125x60x17cm.

Obelisk Foam Plotter XL

Obelisk XL

Obelisk XL is our big block hot wire foam cutter for foam boards up to 250x125x125cm

A complete solution

Introducing a complete solution for creating ultralight 3D signs and decorations in polystyrene. We offer Obelisk Foam Plotter, Foam boards and accessories to create beautiful signs and decorations.

Signs made by Obelisk Foam Plotter

Create beautiful 3D letters, signs and decorations using our polystyrene foam SignFoam or PrintFoam cut in Obelisk Foam Plotter.

Find an Obelisk reseller

Obelisk Foam Plotter is sold by AddExport Sweden AB. Contact us for more information about Obelisk and to buy, we help to locate your nearest reseller.