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How to make foam signs

Obelisk Foam Plotter is a compact, easy-to-use and efficient hot wire cutter for making dimensional signs, letters, numbers and 3D decorations in light-weight and cost-effective polystyrene foam (XPS or EPS).

Simple process for making foam signs

It is easy to get started with sign production using this method. It truly suits all businesses that want to broaden their offerings and start making dimensional signs. If you are already a sign maker today, you can upgrade your sign production and discover this new solution for simple manufacturing of signs. 

Just follow these steps

  • Step 1: Design your sign using your favorite software.
  • Step 2: Open your exported design in the Obelisk cut software. It will automatically create cutting paths.
  • Step 3: Cut your foam object using a hot wire foam cutter - Obelisk Foam Plotter.
  • Step 4: Paint and finish the sign.
  • Step 5: Add double-sided self-adhesive tape.
  • Step 6: Your sign is now ready to be installed.

make foam signs step by step

Se how it works - making your first foam sign

Need ideas for sign making?

Check out these areas for application using foam signs or read about or case studies for foam sign making using Obelisk Foam Cutter.